No. 7201 Stand

M 7201   M 7201E

T-28 Trojan  1/72 scale                                       I-16  1/48 scale

O   O

MiG-3  1/48 scale



Price: 350,- CZK

This stand for 1/72 – 48  scale is flexible in all directions and helps you during monoplane building, painting, applying decals, etc.  Also serves for absolutely safe model transport  after chained it by rubber O rings across wings and fuselage. The scales on the base plate is used for symmetric stretching arms from the center axes in the range 57 mm – 150 mm.

Material – poplar plywood 3 mm + hardware, Tan II rubber belt  0,5 x 3 mm – serves to protect the bearing surfaces of the model surface from scratches, rubber O rings for attachment of model during transport, stand feet pads, instruction.

You will also need: white and CA glue, cross screwdriver – not included.

Review:                                                                                                                                            UMM-USA   Review: Wooden Stand for Building, Painting, and Transporting Models | IPMS/USA

3 Responses to No. 7201 Stand

  1. John Bray says:

    How can i purchase this please? I am located in the UK.

  2. M.A. Hermes says:

    How can I purchase one? I’m located im the Netherlands.

    • Hi,
      it is no problem. The total prise of No.7201 stand including shipping is 649,- CZK by payment via PayPal. This is the cheepest way. Bank transfer is more expensive.
      If it is OK for you here is my PP address:

      With regards

      Josef Hyzik

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