Embraer EMB-312 Tucano

Wingspan: 2250 mm

Motor: Turboprop JetCat

Fuselage building in preparation. Formers are laser cut from poplar plywood 3 mm and strenght parts are milled from birch plywood 3 mm …. EMB-312 Trup 3   EMB-312 Trup 1  EMB-312 Trup 2   EMB-312 Trup 4   EMB-312 Trup 5   EMB-312 Trup 6 Hull surface is from balsa 4 mm sanded to 3 mm in the end …. EMB-312 Trup 7   EMB-312 Trup 8

EMB-312 Trup 9   EMB-312 Trup 10

Turboprop intalation ….

EMB-312 Trup 11   EMB-312 Trup 12

EMB-312 Trup 13   EMB-312 Trup 14

Basic cementing ….

EMB-312 Trup 15   EMB-312 Trup 16 The whole model is lacquered by nitro varnish, sanded and coated by Modellspan. Then two part spray putty was used, sanded, two part spray filler, sanded again and again – never ending Boogie – and sanded “under watter” in the end. Every shadow is this hot summer (2015) is very pleasant …..

EMB-312 Trup 18   EMB-312 Trup 19

In this very hot summer ( 2015 ) was every shadow pleasant ….

EMB-312 Trup 20   EMB-312 Trup 21

Pilots try to seating posture in the cocpit for the first time …. still without equipment ….

EMB-312 Trup 22   EMB-312 Trup 24

Whole surface was sprayed by two part white colour …. and masking,  exhausting work ….
the clours spraying is contentment then ….

EMB-312 Trup 25   EMB-312 Trup 26

EMB-312 Trup 27    EMB-312 Trup 28

EMB-312 Trup 29    EMB-312 Trup 30

Křídlo 1    Křídlo 2

Wings skeleton and set up with fuselage ….

Křídlo 3    Křídlo 4

Křídlo 4   Křídlo 5

Undercarriage shafts preparation ….

Křídlo 6    Křídlo 8 Rivets, lines, covers, mounting holes gluing, all from plotter films …. the model owner has joined ….

Křídlo 9    Křídlo 10

Křídlo 12    Křídlo 13

EMB-312 Trup 31 EMB-312 Trup 32

Křídlo 12 Křídlo 15

And here it is …. when the things go wrong …. red colour entained to white base during unmasking …. I am afraid I used spirit for degreasing which probably includes some component acting as separator …. no more …. again waiting for me grinding and spraying ….

Křídlo 16 Křídlo 17

This is, except some corrections, better ….

EMB-312 Trup 34 EMB-312 Trup 35

Palubní desky - polotovar   Kniply

Semifinished products of instrument panels and control sticks ….

Kokpit přední   Kokpit zadní

Front and back cocpits, look better now ….

Kokpit 1   Kokpit komplet

Finished ….

Aplikace obtisků   Aplikace obtisků 2 Application of some decals printed on laser printer …. the best way to do it is in the kitchen of course …. the table is 1200 mm wide ….

XXX   Tucano_2

Preparation on airfield called “Czech Heaven” without spinner yet…

Tucano_3   Tucano a já

At present, a complete adjustment and setting of all the controlled functions in the RC transmitter and the verification of the Center of Gravity position are awaiting. The first start is always adrenaline …. the pilot has in his hands two years of hard work and considerable finances …..

The last info: this year ( 2019 ) the model changed owner.  In one of flight he landed with undercarriage down in front of asphalt surface into the grass….. Embraer was totaly destroyed ….


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