Odry Model club in Hranice September 13. 2020

A great action with perfect weather ….. we were enjoying the whole day …..

K4 by HEXE model is waiting for maiden …..  wingspan 4000 mm …..

The wing which I constructed with rounded trailing edge ( supported by original documents ) gives the model incredible elegance.                                                                      Zlín XII is mainly known with straight trailing edge …..

Petr Lužný from Model club Olomouc is builder and pilot too ….. and he very enjoys flying this model …..


Many thanks to Mr. Jindřich Stejskal for common photo. He is sayed to be a king of builders and pilot of giant scale and semiscale mainly of Czechoslovakia RC gliders ….. he is known over the border of Czech Republik as well …..

The new model by OldGliders piloted by the owner of the company himself …..

Pepa Brázdil from Model club Olomouc and his Chachar …..

….. And the same model airfied after heavy rain in Ocrober 2020 …..