Michal Holásek

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No. 3201 stand


When I saw the stand for building, airbrushing, applying decals but also kits transport for the first time it was some years ago during Modellbrno exhibition. Joe Hyzik had a point of sale there and I needed to buy something for my related living in Austria. So I bought stand No. 4801.  Immediately as soon as I explored it I acquired the second one for me, for MiG-F13 building in 1:32 scale. ( the No. 3201 stand was not available in that moment yet. ) This stand just MiG to fit right ……. just satisfaction. Other kit I started to make was in 1:32 scale too, beautiful Su-27, but during building found out that No.4801 stand is small for this kit. So there was no other possibility than ask Joe for creation of new stand size for 1:32 scale kits. Some modify was made after my prototype testing and the complete building, airbrushing, applying of really many decals, weathering was made on this stand and …… I can just most reccomend !!

The one is very varriable!

I would like to thank Michal to gave me an impetus to the construction of this stand size, his testing and comments.                                                                                                             Josef Hyzik


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